Who Are We?

JOI is made up of sex educator duo and long time friends, Sarah and Méadhbh. The pair reconnected in 2020 with the common mission to provide Irish young people with the resources to explore, express and find joy in their sexuality.


What We Stand For


Here at JOI, we believe that all Irish people have the right to make informed decisions about their health and body. We want our community to feel empowered about whatever sex-related decision they make. Take the reins on your sexual health; we’re here to support you.

Shame? Don’t know them.

We’re tired of the narrative that you should be ashamed of sex. Yes, sex can be an awkward topic and there’s a lot to learn but you can count on us to be honest, relevant and always shame-free. No question or conversation is off-limits!

Myth Busters

All of our content is based on peer-reviewed scientific papers and the opinions of certified health professionals. We’re here to bridge the information gap and give you the resources you need to stay informed. Although, the information on our website should never be taken as personal medical advice, if you have any health concerns, please visit your GP!

Each to their own but a safe space for all!

While we always want to promote shame-free sex chat, we also know that participating in or even thinking about sex isn’t for everyone. We want JOI to be a safe space for EVERYONE to learn about their mind, body and relationships!

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