5 Irish Sex Educators, you have to follow

There are plenty of amazing Irish people out there already doing lots for sex education so in support of them all, we wanted to shoutout our favourite 5 Irish sex educators! This isn’t a finite list so if there are any fabulous people out there that we missed let us know by leaving a comment of your favourites! Or you can start a conversation about your own favourites in our Members Forum.

Dr Caroline West

With a wealth of academic experience focusing on sex, feminism and the body. Caroline also hosts the wonderful @glowwestpodcast and writes an amazing column for EVOKE! She really is an all-rounder!

Dr Kate Dawson, Twitter @KateDawsonPhD

Dr Kate Dawson is a Porn researcher and Sex educator who is part of the Active* Consent Team. Why not check out her interesting TEDx talk below?

Active* Consent @ActiveConsent

Active* Consent is based at NUI Galway and helps young Irish people with sexual health and wellbeing, while also providing resources and conducting research across Ireland!

Grace Alice @grace_alice_sex_educator

Grace is an Irish peer sexuality educator and has informative Instagram content. She is a relationship and sexuality educator at Sexual Health West!

Sarah Sproule @iamsarahsproule

Sarah is a sex educator and occupational therapist who focuses on helping parents talk to their children about sex!